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Two of the jurors voted against the death warrant of Nathaniel wood

Nathaniel Woods claims that he did not pull the trigger. But the prosecutors claim him to be guilty. They said that he is the mastermind for killing three police officers in Birmingham. On Thursday, he sentenced to death from the Judge of the Court. Mr. Woods has a lot of followers who are protesting against the death warrant for him. Protestors claim that there is no evidence found against him, so he should not be sentenced to death. He was taken to jail in 2005 for killing three police officers, and for this crime, he needs to die.

Different civil rights groups and activists were present at the time of the decision from the Judge. But all failed to take away the judgment from the Court. Supreme Court of the United States issued the temporary staying on Thursday evening, but the execution will take place very soon. Ms. Ivey said that the Jury of Nathaniel Woods convinced him for four capital murder. From the last 15 years, his case was under review more than nine lawsuits, but now the CourtCourt found a reason to take action. The case also attracted attention in Alabama for carrying out the penalty of death. The country shows a fall down in capital punishment.

The director of the capital Penalty, Mr. Dunham, said that allowing death to innocent meant to create a high risk for the country. It makes the people of the country think wrong for the decision. Capital punishment is just like a promotion for getting more outcomes. The supporters of Nathaniel Woods protested that he had not fired that policeman that day, so the decision Death should not be given without any evidence. But the attorney general Mr. Marshall said that Mr. Nate woods is not innocent, he had killed those officers, and they are making the right decision. He also wrote the murderer of the officers should not deserve any sentences less than death.

Kerry Spencer is the man of prosecution. He had not seen Mr. Woods while firing at the officers. The Judge overruled for sentencing him to jail and take the final decision of death. Ms. Ivey, governor of Albana, has said that taking over of capital cases should be avoided. The verdict against the murder should not be lightly taken and let the rule of law do their work to serve justice, for instance. The choice for the Death of Nathaniel Woods surged a momentum in the state. Even the human right activist are also protesting for the irrelevant decision for justice.

 Most of the states also abolished to impose death on only a majority of votes. In Alabama, only ten jurors have voted in favor of the end. In the recent case of Christopher Price, there were two votes out of 10 for sentencing to the death penalty. From history, Aggrememts with the people have been great helps to find equal justice. The same thing should happen to Nate Woods. On the last day of the execution, Ms. Pamela woods (younger sister) and Ms. Faraino draw attention to the case. Ms. woods celebrated his 55th anniversary in March. Ms. woods said that he should be sentenced to death as a broader public are protesting for him.

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