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Rosalind Walter took her last breath at 95

The first Rosie, Rosie The Riveter Rosalind P Walter, dies on Wednesday in New York City, she was 95 years old. New York Times has reported that Walter got fame after a famous newspaper posted her work. According to the paper, Rosalind worked during the night shift; she was a driver. She worked in a plant where she had to do mechanical work. She was born on June 24, 1924, in Brooklyn. Today more women are in the workforce than the previous era. The government allowed entry of women into the American workforce, and it changed the demography of the army .women were getting a high standard rank.

She had a son. Rosie’s son Got married and had children. Again she had stepchildren and loved by many more step-grandchildren. She had a complete package of family and loved by everyone. Her legacy of empowering women and let them join the war got propagated by the famous song called Rosie the Riveter. Four Vagabonds wrote it. The band created famous poems to enshrine her. The poster of Rosalind inspires most of the women to go and join the world War. Different models used for the sign. But Rosalind created the perfect example and drew the attention of the public. She was the first woman to be depicted in the posters.

It is the painting of the poster that created a massive buzz around the public. Rosalind created history for the first time. In the year 1942, a company called Westinghouse approved it’s coordinating Committee to issue work on a poster that will enhance the morale of the general public. The company’s effort in war production was highly commendable. There were three most famous posters used. Out of which Rosie The Riveter became very famous. The other was by artist J. Miller titled we can do it. She was a known face of American Society. She extended her arms to winning of global peace.

In the painting, Rosalind wore denim. The meaning or her clothes depicted the reality of American women. Previously only men had the reservation on wearing those kinds of denim. The most famous quote of Rosalind was we can do it.  Many other models selected for the poster effort purpose. But Rosie The Riveter was most prominent among them. She was a strong lady.  The newspaper agencies were most important in circulating the news during the world war. The army and political person played a significant role in boosting people’s confidence in the war situation. Rosie had high ethics and values about her society and nation.

When the world war started, the men recruited to fight in the border of the country. More then 3 lakh women participated in the workforce. They looked upon various humanitarian work like nutrition, equipment, and help to old age children. In one evening poster, famous artist Norman Rockwell has painted Rosie The Riveter for the famous cover of May 29, 1943. The painting had several features that show Rosie as a masculine, influential figure. Her face, her forehead, her arms were the signs of the strength of women. Her demise is a shock to society. She was the epitome of honesty.

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