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The last of us one of the most large scale project of HBO

The entertainment industry has a long and storied history of milking every piece of intellectual property it can get its hands on for all it’s worth, whether it’s a novel, a feel-good story whose facts are twisted in a film that opens with a frame that says “Based on True Events,”. HBO is also entering this arena with their new show Based On the hit game The last of us.

Hollywood has tried to capitalize on the popularity of certain titles but has managed to let fans down virtually every single time starting with sonic the hedgehog’s initial deigns or universally panned films like the infamously terrible Super Mario Bros., the Need for Speed movie someone decided had to be made even though The Fast and the Furious already existed. Sure, some of them have done alright at the box office but there was no way Lara Croft: Tomb Raider was going to bomb when the title may as well have just been We Put Angelina Jolie in a Catsuit. One of the most pleasant surprises of 2019 was the success of The Witcher on Netflix, which went from a pretty dodgy-looking concept to a rightfully good series that enjoyed unexpected mainstream success, Netflix has also turned Castlevania into a hit animated series, with Castlevania season 3 debuting on March 5. Now Craig Mazin, the creator of the highly praised limited series Chernobyl, is teaming again with HBO to adapt the hit video game The last of us.

  HBO announced on Thursday that the popular video game The last of us will be turned into a television series. The creator of the hit HBO limited series Chernobyl Craig Mazin started this project, according to the company. The game’s creative director and story writer Neil Druckmann will also join the project to help Craig write and executive produce the series. The zombie apocalypse has served as the springboard for plenty of video games over the years but none of them have done a more masterful job than The last of us thanks to its superb story, engaging gameplay, centering on the relationship between Joel, a smuggler in this new world, and Ellie, a teenager who maybe is key to a cure for a deadly epidemic. Joel, a survivor who is hired to smuggle Ellie out of an oppressive quarantine zone. What starts as a small job soon becomes a brutal, heartbreaking journey as they traverse the U.S. The last of us 2 will also be released very soon. The last of us 2 release date is May 29.

According to Variety, HBO’s show will have the events of the original game, which was written by Druckmann, with the possibility of extra content based on the upcoming game sequel, the last of us 2, who’s declared release date is May 29 before the release of Ghost of Tsushima’s Collector edition. It’s doubtful the series will rehash the storyline of the first game and seems far more likely this adaptation will take some inspiration from Damon Lindelof’s interpretation of Watchmen and build on its universe. There are currently no dates concerning its release but that day cannot come soon enough.

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