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Bitcoin price plunged by 25% in recent weeks

Bitcoin price has plunged to $7,700 after trading above $10,000 just two weeks before. But why precisely as Bitcoin fell over as much as 25% in slightly more than two week’s time? There can be a number of factors impacting on the latest cryptocurrency market bloodbath. Bitcoin price knocks $6,400 back in mid-December 2019 and then lifted off like a rocket on influential, over 50% rally. Due to novel coronavirus, 100,000 people are infected and the death toll has risen to nearly 4000, in just two months. The abrupt reach of the virus has led to extreme terror across the world. People are disheartened for their lives, their finances, and their destiny.

With so much fear in the atmosphere, it is not startling to detect trigger happy crypto investors selling everything they hold in comeback to the black swan event. It is not just striking crypto investors. The stock market is encountering the massive sell-off since the last slump. According to financial reviewers, the stock market bubble is flaring, and the pin that stung the bubble is the coronavirus. The Bitcoin price and the valuations of the remainder of the cryptocurrency market have been a butchery since shortly after the stock market sell-off began, with all other markets in total fall. With more risk-averse stocks plunging, investors are keeping up far away from the risky asset class of cryptocurrencies. The largest ratio of crypto investors are now acknowledging that they must document their holdings and transactions to the IRS or potentially face a liability.

The American government implies a questionnaire to the American citizens who submit the tax to the government, that if the taxpayers held or traded cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum during the tax year. It is concerning that a single question by the government on a tax form has shifted things so much. In the past, many crypto investors have gone awry to document income or losses. But moving ahead, replying to the query falsely could direct to jail time. With so many comprehending they may require to revise past tax returns and bring their earnings up to speed for documenting, it would not be unique to behold a tax season-related spike in selling. The fact Bitcoin price ran from $3,000 to $14,000 last years potential implies many investors have interests to report. Interests they will now have to resolve with a fraction of taxes on.

Bitcoin suspicion is elevated than ever, overseeing the asset’s halving. While many speculate the asset will take off like a rocket ship due to the supply and demand proportion being offset, others anticipate the verge of the cryptocurrency. Industry critics are publicly inquiring why exactly Bitcoin requires to prevail and what objective – aside from assumption – does it certainly satisfy? Even the CEO of Coinbase is uncertain of the cryptocurrency’s fate, while this is simply opinion-based. Continually, crypto investors are pursuing an explanation for a decline, or news to tie together with a certain selloff. But occasionally, the technical configuration of the market is plainly summoning for a re-test of particular trend lines. Bitcoin price is sitting on a seven-year trend line presently and is tickling the tail of the logarithmic curve.

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