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CoronavirusLousiana- Contact Tracing is started after the first positive case

Lousiana is going to start a process named contact dressing after the positive coronavirus case. In this process, all the health officials will try to reach out to the people who had very close contact with coronavirus patients. The famous Epidemiologist, Dr Edward Trapido stated that the risk of this coronavirus will increase after its break out in Louisiana. Coronavirus Lousiana is a completely new case after its epidemic situation in the other parts of the world. According to him, this will not increase largely if someone has not come to contact with the affected person. To prevent that, the health officials will stay in touch with all the people who you have come into contact with coronavirus patient at least once.

The person who is already presumed as a positive case will have contact with epidemiologist to ensure that no one comes into contact with that particular person to reduce the risk of coronavirus to spread. They have also arranged an additional testing procedure to prevent spreading phenomena. Coronavirus Lousiana so it’s the first-ever case and they are already taking so many preventions to make it less risky.  At first, the officials will contact the person who had come close to the patient and later on they will text or call that person time to time to check whether they are having any coronavirus symptom or not. This process will be very much limited if the person lives in an urban area just like New Orleans.

In the urban area, there is a huge number of people who will come into contact with the coronavirus patient and that cannot be prevented fully. This type of precautions will be taken for the people who have travelled to China or Italy or any of the places around the world where coronavirus outbreak is in large number. Coronavirus Lousiana is also so trying to track those people who are the family members and the health workers who are serving to the patient right now. To catch this disease you have to be in 6 feet distance from someone. If you are helping a mother to take care of her baby or if you are taking care of your grandmother then they can be at risk.

The epidemiologist, Trapido has strictly stated that coronavirus is not what about panicking and you have to avoid all the possibilities to catch flu. That is the first symptom of having this virus inside your body. There is no much risk in going to the crowd and you don’t have to wear masks if you are not infected. Coronavirus Lousiana has more cases that are not registered yet but some presumptive cases are there which will eventually come to positive. This is all because the people will travel to different cities and countries but he is concentrating on recovering those people rather than spreading the panic. So it can be said that the situation of the coronavirus outbreak will be fought very well.

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