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There May Be a Second Wave of Coronavirus Infection in the USA Warned the CDC Chief 

There are almost 5 million confirmed positive cases of coronavirus cases in the whole world. Between all of this, the chief of the centers of disease control and prevention of the United States of America said that he cannot say with confidence there will be no 2nd phase of lockdowns, as there are still chances of the second wave of the coronavirus infection.

According to the reports the new number of unemployment figures and the unemployed people could be released on Friday. One of the most important updates regarding this is also that the former later of the president of the United States of America Michael Cohen will be freed from the New York prison because of the increased coronavirus cases inside the prison.

According to the reports and the data from the leading health institutes and the Johns Hopkins University, the confirmed positive cases of the coronavirus have now reached to the number of 5 million. At least 1/5th cases of the confirmed positive case of the coronavirus from that 5 million are from the United States of America which is about 1.5 million confirmed positive cases. Coronavirus infection has killed more than 328,000 people across the world and in the United States of America; the number of people who have been died due to the coronavirus infection is around 93 thousand.

Earlier the centers for disease control and prevention also issued an official statement regarding the coronavirus is that in the general case this coronavirus doesn’t spread very rapidly or easily if the infected person touches any surface and later on and by healthy person touches the same person. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said that the coronavirus doesn’t get transmitted from the animal to human beings as well as it also doesn’t get transmitted from the animal to human. This is very good news for all of us because if it happened the rate of infection could have been higher.

On the other, the president of the United States of America Mr. Donald Trump is planning to reunite all of the G-7 leaders at Camp David. This meeting would be the in-person meeting and would focus on the further details and strategy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Apart from these strategies and planning are getting made by the government to stop the coronavirus infection and revive the economy as well. Still, things aren’t going smoothly and well as expectations. One of the leading stores of the USA the Victoria’s Secret has decided to permanently shut their 250 stores across the whole United States of America. Not only this even Canada and bath & bodywork have planned to shut their 50 stores in America and 1 in Canada also. These shutting down of stores will affect the economy of the United States of America as well as making several people unemployed which will create a drastic increase in the unemployment chart.

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