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Jacob Frey, Minneapolis Mayor: Some Highlighted Issues and Minneapolis Police Disband 

Minneapolis is a city in Minnesota, United States. This city was established by John H. Stevens and Franklin Steele. Minneapolis is the largest city of Minnesota and It has 47th number in the largest cities of America. Jacob Frey was selected as Minneapolis Mayor in 2017. In Minneapolis, the mayor is selected to control the department of police, fire, education, housing, and transportation.

Jacob Lawrence Frey was born on July 23, 1981, in Oakton, Virginia, U.S. He has done his education from the College of William & Mary Villanova University. Before a mayor, he was a member of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. He was serving the city from 2013. And on January 2, 2018, he took pledge as Minneapolis Mayor. At an early age, he also worked for community cases like tornado cases and marriage equality cases. To support the minimum wage ordinance, he was one of the first council members.

In 2014, he was selected as a member of the Minneapolis city council from the 3rd ward. As a part of this council, he worked for environmental policy, voting access, and workplace regulations. For the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, he increased funding in 2015. To support green business, he applied a fee based on the amount of pollution. For the success of green business, Minneapolis Mayor and city was awarded in 2018.

Green Growth & Urban Agriculture was run to pursue urban agriculture to increase the food sources according to the climate changes. Multi-Modal Transportation was to promote less car-centric in the city by facilitating car-sharing programs, walkable development, and driverless cars. Arts & Education to increase the capitalization, he applied housing policy, liberalize restrictions, and promotion of public art programs with regular meetings in the schools of Minneapolis. City Services & Constituent Care theme involves all the responses from Minneapolis Mayor to resolve the public problems. Voting Rights & Access is to promote the fair election in the city. So the people can access their rights to choose a good candidate. Public Safety & Police Reform campaign is for public safety. There was a reformation of the police department to select the best cops for security purposes.

In recent news, On May 25, 2020, in the city of Minneapolis, the US, Police Officer Derek Chauvin held an unarmed black citizen Floyd’s throat with his knee for about 9 minutes, after which he died. Chauvin is charged with second-degree murder. Due to this people are asking to disband the police. In contrast, Minneapolis Mayor, Jacob Frey was not in favor of Minneapolis police disband. But A day later, Frey stated that he supports “major structural reforms to reverse the structural apartheid system, but not to disband the entire police department of Minneapolis”. Jacob Frey is a very good organizer for the city. He has a lot of good works in favor of the public to improve security, education, and business.

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