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Rumblings In The Cloud Of Online Companies

Cloud storage is a significant factor in the online industry. But we have a false assumption related to the cloud storage of the big online companies like Google, Amazon etc. In the basis of number and statistics, we have some incorrect information. The ranking based on cloud storage revealed a few weeks ago.

As per the general ranking, Amazon stands on first for cloud storage ranking. Microsoft stands on second. Similarly, Google holds in the third position. But the reality is that Google is not in the third position, but IBM stands in the third position.

Several other secretes revelled this month about cloud storage. IDM can to challenge Amazon and be no. 1.

Cloud Rankings

Nowadays watching the series on Netflix and buying products from Amazon has become very common. Thus Amazon doesn’t have any competitor to defeat. It will grow more in future time. But no evidence about any revenue is found from google cloud services in earlier times. Mostly Google uses its Cloud for youtube. But, the income for cloud storage revelled this month. Reports show as following:-

  • Google generated a revenue of US$2.6 billion in Cloud for the quarter, and it reached $8.9 billion for the year.
  • IBM reported a whopping $6.8 billion for the quarter and $21.2 billion for the year.

The above report shows that IBM is above Google in terms of cloud storage. Thus, from these reports, Google should be after IBM and stand in the fourth position. But somehow Microsoft managed the challenge and stood above apple and Google. Dell has upgraded its cloud storage with Dell technologies cloud, and it believes in competing with Amazon and Google.

Why Google and Amazon Are Vulnerable?

Every company have their strategy of working. Google and Amazon are the only online service-based platform. Thus, People can’t buy a car or a bike from amazon. But on the other hand, other companies that grow offline and famous by their name have a different strategy of storing in the Cloud. Offline products have more excellent value, so they are sold much higher than online. Day by day, the world is evolving online. So offline companies also take much storage for Cloud for these reasons Google and Amazon are vulnerable if the question comes of offline.

The main aim of Amazon is the retail business. There no chance that people will buy cloud storage from Amazon. For creating a new market for online cloud services. Amazon supports that company like IBM. For this reason, People trust more for cloud storage for companies like IBM and Dell.

Google cannot be trusted for Cloud storing because it sells user data. It discovered confidential leaked information to the foreign government. It’s not yet sure if Google does it or not, but trolls have down the level of cloud marketing on Google. Thus, looking into these reasons, IT companies don’t prefer to buy storage against Google cloud. They fear the chance of data leak which will make them face a significant loss. IBM is now, therefore, the more trusted one among the cloud storage.

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