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Bernie Sanders Won The Democratic Presidential Primary Over Buttigieg

Bernie Sanders with the New Hampshire. The voters are quite happy to feel the Bern. He won it by coming so close to Buttigieg, who stands second and Amy Klobuchar standing at third Position.

The various division is there in the Democrats. The voters are looking for someone who can defeat Donal Trump. Celebrating the moment, Bernie said that This is a beginning for the end of Trump. His supporters cheer up by listening to his lines.

Buttigieg, who stands on the second-place showing, is also an alternative for the voters of New Hampshire. Buttigieg and Sanders both are the excellent delicates for New Hampshire. But Buttigieg was only a few before Sanders. Amy Klobuchar also gets a boost for the debate performance. Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen also supported them.

The result of precincts are below:

  • Bernie 71759 (26%)
  • Pete Buttigieg 68141 (24%)
  • Amy Klobuchar 55164 (20%)
  • Elizabeth Warren 25899 (9%)
  • Biden 23,475 (8%)

After New Hampshire, Biden left the state early and went to South Carolina. He is in the hope of winning among black voters. As he belongs to the same race, he is sure to get maximum votes from the blacks. Sen, Andrew Yang, and Michael Bennett also left out on Tuesday night to earn very little support.

Micheal Bloomberg spent more than $200 million on TV ads for gaining public pools. But he is not doing any ballot method to win the votes. They are now facing some criticism from 2015 for defending controversies in the minority community while staying in New York. He also apologized for the policy before launching the presidential campaign.

Bernie Sanders, on his winning, mentioned that Together, we could create an America a justice and compassion country. Winning for greed and corruption doesn’t create any changes. So, first, we have to challenge Nevada and all states of South Carolina for voting.

All the advisers of Sanders’s campaign are offending who will lead the critical agencies of the Treasury Department. The advisers also worry about the legislation and executive orders of Sanders.

His inner circle of advisers and majority leader Harry M. Reid have not started designing any potential administration. The advisory also cautioned that such types of mistakes should not occur in the campaign because it can create stress on winning the nomination, and defeating President Trump will be more difficult.

During the campaign, Sanders led all the allies to debate and put new ideas into action. He debated on national polling and talked about facing greater scrutiny. His 2020 campaign has relied on outside experts and advocacy groups to know more about Democratic politics. They also debated on elevating the key positions and ties for the party establishment.

From 2016 the agenda made fr Sanders’s policy is unchanged. So, He has expanded his program by adding other policies like Green New Deal and housing guarantee policy for all Americans. New policies on aggressive wealth tax will change to some extent.

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