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Surgical Masks Are Not Enough To Prevent From The Coronavirus According To Doctors

In the present time, the outbreak of Coronavirus is becoming a matter of conversation among the authorities, doctors, and people at the international level. In addition to this, medical face masks have become the long-lasting image of the COVID-19. You can see that people use the surgical mask to protect themselves from this deadly virus at the highest rate in China, which has infected more than 31,000 persons and killed nearly 1,100.

On the other hand, doctors say face masks aren’t an effective way to protect, as the demand for the face masks is surging at a pace. Other methods are considered the best option to prevent Coronavirus.

Using A Face Mask Is Not Sufficient To Get Secure From This Virus

As everyone knows that Coronavirus is spreading with the high speed and the people are in great demand to buy the surgical masks in China and more than half of the population in China waits in the queue at pharmacies in the hope to buy one. There are lots of factories that are working overtime to manufacture these masks so that they can hand over these to dwellers.

The scientists are trying to make a vaccine to stop this virus from spreading from all over the world. Many people think that these masks are really helpful to get rid of the epidemic.

But, after studying about this virus, Doctors say that these surgical masks are not enough to protect you from this virus. These medical face masks are extremely advantageous for those people who are suffering from a communicable disease so that these masks can restrict the transmission of infection.

Medical face masks are designed in such a way so that they can only restrict the large droplets but not microparticles. There are also other robust masks with tight-fitting which is the best way to protect from these deadly viruses.

At the same time, these masks don’t have a function to kill viruses, so when the water droplets fill with viruses stuck with the surface of the masks they can survive nearly a few hours of a week. This means wearing a mask full of virus particles with repetition may lead to putting you to suffer from dangerous diseases.

World Health Organization recommends several other ways to save yourself from the Coronavirus, which includes washing hands frequently, using the discarding tissue while sneezing and coughing along with this you should maintain a 3-foot distance from the other person.

Choi the scientist of china stated that he has formed a mask that is very useful to stop the growth of this deadly virus and its surface is totally covered with salt crystals that is very helpful to cut off the transmission of this deadly Coronavirus at that instant of time. Last but the least the business insider says that I believe virus deactivating filters can be a critical component to fast response to get control over the spread of respiration diseases during an epidemic and pandemic.

On the other hand, China is not only the country that is suffering from this virus as it is spreading to the US, Japan, Vietnam, and some other countries.

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