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Samsung Introduced “New Z Flip” And Improved The Specifications Of 5G Galaxy S20 Camera

Samsung has started to refresh their galaxy smartphone series to be in the picture in the coming age technological world. They have launched the foldable phone which is a completely new concept of the smartphone right now. They have also upgraded there wireless earbuds which are offered in an event celebrated in the palace of fine arts in San Francisco.

These earbuds have a lot of technological advancement done and also the sound quality is improved to a great extent to serve the purpose in the current error of Technology for the new generation. Because the new generation is very much into music and also consider their phone to be an important musical instrument.

Samsung also launched three completely new flagship phones named S20, S20 Plus and S20 ultra. The prices are also different for each of them. The S20 costs of 999 US dollars, S20 plus costs of 1199 US dollars and S20 ultra costs of 1399 US dollars.

The specifications of each of the phones are quite different. They have different sized screens and the display is quite fascinating. S20 has the smallest screen of 6.2 inches display, S20 plus has 6.7 inches display and S20 ultra has 6.9 inches of display.

They have improved the camera quality along with 3 different cameras. The camera of S20 and the S20 plus has the camera 64 megapixels. And the S20 ultra has 108 megapixels of camera. The last one also has a 10x zoom system and 8k video capacity.

Mr. Jack E. Gold is a Principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, an IT advisory company in Northborough, Massachusetts said: “That’s unheard of in a phone”. “You don’t even get that in some traditional cameras,” he told on TechNewsWorld.

Samsung has tried to improve its video and photography specifications because the new generation is really into photography and if they get good video and photography tools on their phone it will be fascinating to them.

Samsung has used multiple lenses to supplement these needs. Also, these phones support 5G Technology because in some years there will be a 5G revolution throughout the world. And Samsung is trying to get ready for that situation from beforehand.

Samsung galaxy has launched its z flip which is a completely foldable glass. It is a new concept from their side were a 6.7 inches screen can be opened and folded whenever you like.

The three colors of the mirror are available in this model which are black, purple and gold.

Samsung says that it is quite a smartphone that can state the status symbol of a person who owns it. And also it will stand out among the crowd of a lot of smartphones out there.

They are launching new technologies to be in the market among a lot of other companies coming out with all new innovative specifications in their gadgets. Because Samsung wants to be in the market in any way possible and for that, they have to induce some innovative ways to acquire the market again from other companies.

That is only possible when they will launch some new age products which will steal the heart of the new generation and only then they will choose Samsung over other phones.

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