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ACLU Questioned The Accuracy Of Face Recognition Software Made By Clearview

 Recently Clearview made software to recognize the faces stored in their database accurately.


It might help so many departments in the government like the detective department to arrest criminals. The company has claimed to have precision in their face recognition software which was challenged later by the American civil liberties Union. They criticized the facial recognition tool developer company Clearview for their claim.


The matched around 535 photographs of the members of the United States Congress with 25000 arrestees. At that time there was a false match of around 28 photos which give a very wrong impression of the company itself. That is why American civil liberties Union started to criticize them to a great extent. 


Clearview submitted their software for rigorous testing, which was the cause of the objection from ACLU. Their software was tested thoroughly by the organization and they found out that the script photos of different people from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. This somehow hampered the privacy of those platforms and that is why they also criticized Clearview for their initiative to make their face recognition tool successful in the technological market.


Scraping photographs of people from social media platforms to save in their database where they are not so ethical. So American civil liberties Union started two objects there claim to be accurate in the system was turned down greatly.


Scraping photographs from social media platforms where against the privacy setting of those sides as well as it was a breach of the biometric information privacy act (BISA). This was the reason why a clear view had a lot of criticism from American organizations.


They had to submit their product for a thorough checking to ACLU for that reason and gradually it was released that their software did not help recognize the right people at the right time.


Due to the mismatch of 28 people in their software where the faces of United States Congress members matched with some arrestees they received a lot of criticism from the higher authority of the United States. They were instructed to collect their settings where the privacy of people hampered. 


The appropriate uses of Technology should be done from their side to ensure the proper condition of the app. Instead, they focused on acquiring data from different sites where people post their pictures just for fun. Clear view used to scrape data from those accounts of Facebook or Instagram to build their database of the faces.


Later on, the American civil liberties Union instructed them to delete all the previous data taken from the social media sites and legally build a separate database. They also told them to work on the accuracy of the software to have a hold in the market so that the previous debacle is not repeated.


Clearview took the criticism seriously and accumulated all the feedbacks from different sectors to work on their correction plan of the face recognition tool.

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