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Coronavirus: Elder and sick people have maximum chances of suffering than children

According to the data from the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC), It found that above 80% of the cases, the older patient is more likely having the symptoms of coronavirus. The risk of suffering is also high for medical staff.

Recently, on Tuesday, Liu Zhiming, 51, a hospital director in Wuhan, died from the virus. He was working as senior health officials to die so far. The report shows that the death rate is becoming high by day, according to the report by CCDC. The overall death rate due to the Covid-19 virus is 2.3%.

As per the latest information from china, nearby 72,500 people are affected by corona, and 1,800 lives have already gone. The official report says that 93 new cases have come up regarding the virus.

What Does The Study Tell Us?

The detailed study shows that around 44,672 cases confirmed from all around the world.


The report shows that the death rate for the other age groups like above 40 is 0.4%, and most chances of death occur above 70 years of age as their immune is not very strong to tolerate the infection against the virus. The portage of death in men is higher than that of women. Several studies are going on to find the causes and cure of the infection.

As per the study till 11th February, If we look towards the infection against medical staff, then as per the report, more than 3000 medical staff have been affected by a coronavirus. From them, 1,700 cases confirmed.

What Effect Will We See In The Future?A

Before the coming of antidote,  We can Only take preventive measures against the disease. If we do not take proper care, then the virus will spread and infect a large number of the population.

The people should take the following measure for protection:-

  • promoting handwashing
  • mask-wearing
  • care-seeking high-frequency mobilization of a multi-sector

The medical practitioner warns that many people coming from holidays have a lot of chances of suffering from the coronavirus. So its better to stop traveling to kong distances and involved in epidemic places. Several countries have said they will not allow foreign visitors to their country as it can bring the risk of the maximum chance of infection.

What’s Happening Inside The Cruise Ships?

In the beginning, no infection found. But after a few days later, a few cases confirmed by the people traveling from Malaysia. The health practitioner takes considerable effort to find the infected person. It takes two days to confirmed some instances. China mainland china is already suffering as the virus has already reached the man’s land. Inside the cruise sheep, some report has come out of infections.

The diamond Princess also affected by the infection in the Japanese port of Yokohama. The report says that it spread from a man of Hong Kong. The virus is worsening the situation day by day. More than 450 people out of 3,700 are suffering from the illness. Looking after these matters, South Korea also joined the list and planned to not allow any foreigners to the country until the antidote come out.

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