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Season 2 of Fortnite is all About Secret Agents and Well-muscled Cats

Feb 21: The latest season of Fortnite is here. Fortnite chapter 2 season 2 was released, ending waits for months. A new secret agent theme introduced in this newly released season of the battle royale game. Apart from expected inclusion of new characters and skins to crack when you buy the battle pass of the new season, new features like decoy grenades, top-secret hideouts, secret passages are add in the game.’ Meowscles- a cat henchman, Peely the banana in a tuxedo, a golden handed man, Deadpool-the superhero are some of the few characters to name that included in the latest edition.

Ghost and Shadow are the two factions of Fortnite season 2. To unlock the different versions of each of these two characters, players need to complete the given missions. Here lies the twist of the game. Players are allowed to unlock variants of only one faction that cannot be changed. Maya is another latest character of the season. The customization option of her appearance is available. Hairstyle, dresses, tattoos, etc. are some customization options you can do to Maya.  The Fortnite patch notes should give us more information about the new classes in Fortnite season 2, and also, they should tell us what kind of changes and features are going to be available to us. For example, they should tell us what the differences between the Enforcer and the Sentinel-class are. The patch notes might even reveal some information, but these are my speculation, but this is what I expect.

Apart from the Enforcer and the Sentinel classes, the Fortnite patch notes will also give us more information about the three different game modes that will be available in Fortnite season 2. The first game mode is Arena, where you will fight to kill enemies and earn points to win. The second game mode is the Capture the Flag game mode, and the third game mode is the Capture the Base game mode. These three game modes will be available to us in Fortnite season 2, and these are the same three game modes that were available in the first season. However, these will be available with some changes in the order in which they will be playing. The Capture the Flag game mode will be the last game mode to be played around.

Source also revealed that theme-based limited-time modes comprised of infiltrating bases and taking out henchmen are some other latest inclusions. Some significant changes are also expected in “team rumble” in the Fortnite season 2, as revealed by Epic Game. Better-quality weapons, unlimited glider redeployment, etc. will be part of welcome additions of the new season. For the creative mode of the game, the newly released season offers more promise and contains better options and content.  Interestingly, chapter 2 season 2 released in October 2019. Then after the black hole event, the game turned offline for several days. It represented a great shift for Fortnite, debuting an exclusive new island at the expense of the original and all of its history. From then onwards, this new island considered as the home to a Halloween event, a guest appearance of J.J Abrams-the director of Star Wars, Rickrolls, and new cosmetics based on popular streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.


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